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Professional Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Cincinnati

Since 2012, our Cincinnati foundation repair company has been offering professional pier and beam foundation repair in Cincinnati, OH. Just like concrete slabs, pier and beam foundations require meticulous inspections and routine maintenance to ensure they are holding up properly.

When a homeowner notices a problem with their foundation, it is important the issue is remedied by a reliable contractor or structural engineer. Over the years, our team has repaired many p&b foundation systems using industry-leading techniques that have been proven to be successful.

You can count on our high-quality tools and equipment that help[ us get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to pinpoint the root cause of the foundation malfunction and fix it accordingly so that the surface repairs will last for the long haul.

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Got Pier & Beam Foundation Damages? We Have Solutions

Are you concerned about your pier and beam foundation? Perhaps, it is showing signs of deterioration, and you need answers. We're here to help you with that! Our pier and beam foundation repair methods in Cincinnati largely depend on the cause of the damages, such as expansive clay soils, moisture under the home, and shoddy construction materials. Here's what we can do:

  • Reshimming - The process of filling the gaps between the sill and settled support piers to tighten the components up.
  • Rebuilding or Adding Pier Stacks - Sometimes, pier stacks can degrade and require repair or replacement. Should w have to rebuild, the process can usually be wrapped up in about two days.
  • Wood Replacement - Shaker sills and floor joists are made from wood and can rot, warp, and deteriorate. When that happens, they will require replacement.
  • Underpinning - When the interior support areas of a pier and beam foundation are affected by settlement, adding drilled bell-bottom or concrete piers can lift and level the foundation back to its original position.

We offer numerous treatments for out-of-shape pier & beam foundation systems. Would you like to learn more? Please visit our frequently updated blog page right now for a wealth of information.

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Cincinnati Shouldn't be Put Off!

We understand that the problems with your pier and beam foundation may not be causing any discomforts or issues for you right now. However, the damages will continue to deteriorate other structures of your home or commercial property over time.

One day everything will be OK, and the next, you'll notice that your windows and doors aren't opening or closing right, your walls might begin to bow, and your floors are starting to slope. Those are all signs of a severe problem! Many people are concerned about pier and beam foundation repair costs in Cincinnati, which leads them to delay services.

Our local foundation repair contractors want to encourage you to reach out to us anyway. We do not want your p&b foundation to completely fail because it will only lead to inflated costs. Now you'll have to repair or replace other damaged structures like flooring.

Did you know a faulty foundation can even affect your roofing system? Don't allow these things to happen to you. Instead, call, email, or fill out our online form to initiate a visit from our team. You'll be so glad that you did.

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Taking the Right Steps to Pier & Beam Foundation Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is a company that cares about integrity and getting the job done flawlessly. We're the crew to call when you need pier and beam foundation repair.

We only use industry-leading tools, equipment, and materials so that your repairs are long-lasting and dependable. All of our products and services are backed by special warranties that you can trust. As a fully licensed and insured business, we are known for never cutting corners or using subpar materials.

After all, your foundation is the most important component of your home or commercial property. When the foundation is malfunctioning, so are all the other structures. Our job is to stop the process of damage dead in its tracks.

Today, we'd like to offer you a no-obligation inspection so that our structural engineers can get to the bottom of your p&b damages. From there, you'll receive a FREE quote and pier and beam foundation repair recommendations. We hope to serve you soon!



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