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Meeting Cincinnati's Need for Commercial Foundation Repair

We understand how overwhelming it can be to have foundation damages on your commercial property. After all, we're business owners ourselves. So when it comes to commercial foundation repair in Cincinnati, we prioritize those services. It's essential that your property remains safe and operations can continue.

Since 2012, our company Cincinnati Foundation Repair & Waterproofing has been offering affordable commercial foundation treatments that quickly restore the property and stabilize the area. Our team specializes in both cement and pier & beam foundations for the convenience of our customers.

We only use top-quality tools, materials, and equipment to ensure the job gets done right the first time. If you're experiencing any type of foundation problems, we want to hear about them. Please don't hesitate to call us today and speak with our knowledgeable contractors.

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What are the Types of Commercial Foundations That We Service?

Whether you require commercial foundation leak repair in Cincinnati or some other service, please know that we're here to help. There are a few different types of commercial foundations, and we're going to talk about the most common that our team works on:

  • Piles - This type of foundation uses supportive pilings to hold the structure in place. Sometimes, the foundation needs additional piles when the current ones begin to weaken.
  • Continous or Spot Footing - A foundation system that uses columns or grade beams. This is a shallow foundation where the footings are typically very wide. The biggest issue we see with this style is soil shifting and erosion.
  • Mat - Thick, soil and rock-supported foundations that are thick in nature and very heavy. When dealing with mat foundations, cracks are the biggest complication but can easily be remedied.
  • Monolithic Slab - Mainly used to support lightly loaded commercial foundations and can be found under patio or porch areas. Grade beams are installed to support foundational walls.
  • Spread Footings - A spread footing is a base for a foundation that bears a wide bottom. We like these commercial foundations because they usually require little maintenance and no repair. They are great for warding off sinking, frost heaving, and other problems with settlement.

Which type of Cincinnati commercial foundation repair does your building need? Not sure? That's OK! We'll investigate and let you know. Have you visited our blog page yet? You'll find some excellent information when you do.

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Don't Delay Commercial Foundation Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio!

It's not wise to ignore commercial foundation damages. Things like commercial foundation leak repair in Cincinnati are a big deal because moisture deteriorates other materials. You don't want your entire building to be left in shambles due to a leaky foundation.

Unfortunately, it can happen quicker than you know. Are you noticing a shift in how your building sits? Maybe windows and doors are not operating correctly. Do you have pooling water in the lower levels of your building or on the landscape?

These are all significant signs that your foundation has a problem. The good news is our contractors have solutions to getting things quickly restored. To get started, please call us right now. We offer 24-hours emergency assistance.

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A Company That Makes Obtaining Commercial Foundation Repair in Cincinnati EASY!

Finding great commercial foundation repair begins and ends with our contractors. Cincinnati Foundation Repair and Waterproofing is your go-to source for high-quality residential and commercial repair services. We find solutions to patch up both concrete and pier & beam foundations that are meant to last a lifetime. That's why we only use materials from reputable vendors that are warranted.

As far as our labor goes, we guarantee all services that our structural engineers perform. Our commercial foundation repair company is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction because we know how important having a solid foundation beneath your feet is. We hope you choose us for all of your commercial foundation repair, replacement, and installation needs.



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"After years of living in an unlevel home, we received affordable, quality foundation repair and leveling services. Cincinnati Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, our home and family thank you!"
- Buddy H.

Expert Foundation Repair Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Foundation Repair & Waterproofing offers top-rated services for affordable prices. You can depend on us for residential and commercial foundation repair, waterproofing, crawl space care, and basement crack services.

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Foundation Restoration is What We Do BEST!

Are you tired of your residential and commercial foundations looking so sketchy? Our contractors can pinpoint the problem and develop a customized solution. Call us at (513) 854-8799
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